1. How does work?
In Sitenin Homes, the user sees three main tabs - "Home", "Live TV" and "In trendi" Home tab "Displays videos selected automatically based on previously viewed content or subscriptions" In trendi "tab, the user can choose the content of interest from the list. "Live TV"
You can also find thematic collections of videos sorted by category when you click on the Horizontal left side of the icon and three horizontal lines:
• movies.
• auto.
• Video Clips.
• animals.
• Sports.
• PC games.
• Funny.
• Entertainment.
• Hobby and style.
• Science and Technology.
Also in this menu "Date" buttons - displays previously viewed videos; "Show Later" - A list of records the user wants to view at another time; "Popular" - the most viewed entries; "Likes" - videos marked by the user; "Playlist" - a selection of the registered Logines in the playlist.
2. Why register on the site?
Registered users can leave comments on videos, save the most interesting Logins to the page (instead of searching Repeat when they login again), and get their videos to their own channel.
When signing up to the site, the user enters his or her own room - the creative studio where the control panel is located - the easier the videos are searched and the number of video clips About information and the number of subscriptions are displayed. You can also find the "Video Manager" tabs here. - to download and manage your own recordings "Channel" - the place where information about the channel and the article is filled and the "Video Add" button.

3. How to subscribe to a channel?Login to your account after opening the site. Channels can be found in the catalog or in the search. Videoyu Start watching your subscribed channel. After clicking the "Subscribe" button, the player will & nbsp; a subscription is made and a recommendation list is created containing similar channels that the user can subscribe to.Updates to the user are automatically notified. In notification settings, the user can choose to receive a warning for each new video in the selected channel. Cancellation of your subscription is done in the same way as the design.

4. What are the playlists and how to create them?
On-site playlists are provided to create a user-friendly and fast search by users interested in configuring the channel, videos and videos devoted to different topics.
To add a video to the playlist, open it to Add and select "Add" to "Playlist".
Delete a video from the list "My login can be opened by clicking the X icon next to Login.

5. What is the "Trendin" section?
At, the most popular videos now enter the "In trend" section. Here are some of the most interesting videos - music clips of famous artists, movie trailers, new clips of popular channels - in different topics.
5. Trendin “ bölümü nedir? sitesinde şu anda en popüler videolar "In trend" bölümüne girer. İşte en ilginç videolar – ünlü sanatçıların Music klipleri, film fragmanları, popüler kanalların yeni klipleri – farklı konularda.