SIT | The Better Half | I’M PREGNANT | S3E3 | Chhavi Mittal | Karan V Grover

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  • Published on Jan 10, 2019

  • #TheBetterHalf Rohini is now pregnant and with pregnancy come a lot of changes. No, not just the changes that come in the wife’s physical appearance and her moods, but the changes that come in the husband’s life! Can the husband feel pregnant? Oh sure! Watch how Rohini ensures that Rishi get a full pregnancy experience through her, and not just vicariously, in The Better Half- S3E3. I’M PREGNANT ________________________________________________________________________________ Do SHARE if you LIKE it, and leave us a COMMENT! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to Shitty Ideas Trending for a fun video every Thursday! Also participate in the contest to win FREE SIT Merchandise! ________________________________________________________ CREDITS: Created By: MOHIT HUSSEIN Produced By: WORKSHOP INC Directed By: MOHIT HUSSEIN Concept By: CHHAVI MITTAL Written By: MOHIT HUSSEIN, CHHAVI MITTAL Creative Director: CHHAVI MITTAL Cast: CHHAVI MITTAL, KARAN V GROVER DOP: MOHIT HUSSEIN Editor: ASHISH JHA Line Producer: FRESHWATER FILMS (EHTESHAM HUSSEIN) Production Controller: DILIP KANOJIA Assistant Directors: TUSHAR RANJAN, VIDIT KANOJIA Sound Engineer: ANIL JENA Location: WORKSHOP INC STUDIOS Social Media Manager: PRIYANKA PEREIRA Head Collaborations: VEENA Music licence: Whistle and Clap by Audiojungle order no: 96519644 invoice no: IVIP29754089 item ID: 9958567 purchase date: 20-12-2018 Title Track “The Better Half”: Vocals by AANCHAL SHRIVASTAV Backing Vocals: ANUDUTT M SHAMAIN Lyrics: BILAL HASAN Composition & Arrangement: ANUDUTT M SHAMAIN Download song here: https://soundcloud.com/aanchal_shriva... Accounting: AMIT NAHAR Styling: VARSHA Production Boy: JAGDISH KESARI Equipment: VIDEO PLUS Camera Attendant: KRISHANAND SINGH Post Production: WORKSHOP INC POST FACILITY ________________________________________ Follow SIT: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SITofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamShittyIdeas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shittyideas... FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: info@shittyideastrending.com Visit us on www.shittyideastrending.com ____________________________________________________ CHHAVI MITTAL: https://www.facebook.com/chhavimittal... https://www.instagram.com/chhavihussein/ https://twitter.com/chhavihussein _______________________________________________________ MOHIT HUSSSEIN: https://www.facebook.com/mohithusseinsit https://www.instagram.com/mohithussein/ _______________________________________________________ KARAN V GROVER: https://www.facebook.com/KaranVGrover22/ https://www.instagram.com/karanvgrover/ https://twitter.com/karanvgrover22 _______________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO WAS CREATED PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. THE CHARACTERS, DIALOGUES, SITUATIONS & OTHER THINGS ARE PURELY FICTIONAL. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO A PERSON LIVING OR DEAD IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL. THIS CHANNEL DOES NOT CLAIM TO BE FACTUAL OR POLITICALLY CORRECT AT ALL TIMES. THE CONTENT IS FICTIONAL AND MEANT ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT. ANY OFFENCE CAUSED IS SUBJECTIVE AND DEEPLY REGRETTED. CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH. NONE OF THE CREATORS OR ACTORS PROMOTES THE USE OF IT
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    Thank you all for the lovely comments pouring in! This episode is dedicated to all the pregnant mothers and dads-to-be. There is such a beautiful bond between a couple when they are pregnant! Don't forget to share this video with anyone who's pregnant, or who is thinking about it! By the way, Chhavi and Mohit are overwhelmed with the good wishes coming in for their new journey ahead. :)

  • I am 30 weeks pregnant my due date is in march 17. So I can totally relate with this. Though its my first pregnancy and my baby bump is small as urs right now. I think chhavi is 16-20 weeks pregnant 2 months behind me. Enjoy this beautiful pregnancy moments.

  • I have no baby yet but very excited for my first pregnancy 0001f930 I can relate with you guys though . I can’t resist myself to watch you0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d

  • Rohini u and me same month due.. congratulations on ur pregnancy.. loved the video..

  • Awesome one yr..loved it0001f6180001f618

  • 18-20weeks she is pregnant 0001f603 she has to deliver on may.. ie 4 months are due.. 5 she had completed approximately.. so 18-20 weeks

  • Yes u r right ....my wife also pregnant...such a amazing time in my life ....

  • love u both guys. ..n rohini more luv to u n baby on the way0001f6040001f60d0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d

  • I can correlate with the situation, it's the best feeling of world.. My wife was pregnant and she gave me a little angel.

  • wow....just loved it the way you guys performed...!! waiting for next episode..

  • what a sweet episode 0001f9700001f9700001f970

  • K.B 

    Lolzzz.. Ye Maneka Gandhi ko dikha do episode. Uske hisaab se toh Fathers are useless. Paternity leaves will be holiday for men. Lolzzz.

  • u guys r the best, and congratulation for ur pregnancy 3 is such a cute and sweet episode cant wait for next

  • Hmmm...aisa pyar agr reality me ho to kya baat0001f44c0001f60a0001f60a0001f44d0001f44d0001f64b

  • 22 to 24 week..0001f60a.. bcoz mera bhi due date 12 may hai...

  • OMg.... Mind blowing episode & sme pinch.... Coz m also pregnant naaa.... I cn relate wit dis so much... Happy pregnancy rohini... B safe & healthy... Lodz of luv

  • Awesome Bhaijaan

  • Awwwww... ❤️

  • Best best best episode 0001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f6180001f914