Stage: All ACE's "Lion" stage centered is so handsome!刘雨昕安崎《Lion》舞台纯享|Youth with You2青春有你2|iQIYI 下載

  • 2020年5月7日

  • "Youth With You" Ep17 is trending on iQIYI with multi subtitles~ APP Link: 1 Episode updated every Thursday and Saturday~Download iQIYI APP to enjoy FULL episode~ “青春有你2” 第17期正在爱奇艺国际站热播,每周四,周六晚八点各更新一期;现在下载爱奇艺App,观看多语种完整版~ Watch FULL episodes only on iQIYI EP01 Part I: Other episodes: Introduction:What kind of girls can become part of a girls group? What kind of girls can meet the standards of Class A? Our answer is: Endless possibilities! Let's embark to explore the mystery of X! 什么样的女生可以成为女团?什么样的女生才是A的标准?我们的答案是:无限可能。今夜,和我们一起出发吧!


  • 6D09 HO WAI
    6D09 HO WAI 4周前

    YU YAN will always be my centre since never can I take my eyes off from herrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  • Memn 15
    Memn 15 2 天前

    Ok let’s all be honest this is the BEST season compared to other ones like even the ones from the Korean version, or Chinese version literally this season HAD THE BEST TRAINEES all trainees from diff seasons are great but this season be hittin diff tho like you can’t choose just one from here everyone is shining like I just wish everyone of them can debut ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Xenoversal
    Xenoversal 2周前

    Let's be honest

  • Nyasha
    Nyasha 2周前

    I'm just trying to give Liu Xin my heart tbh. When I find out how to write mandarin I'll be sliding in her dms on weibo.

  • Fan Catch22
    Fan Catch22 3周前

    Come for Xin Liu and can't take my eyes off her!

  • C. C.
    C. C. 3周前

    Tbh at first when I clicked in I expected that it will be a cover of G-idle's Lion cuz of the same title and same style of outfit😂😂 but after watching it I found the melody totally different. I think its understandable that they have similarities in terms of lyrics cuz their concept is that girls can be as powerful like lions. But honestly they should have thought of better outfit cuz even with the same concept they can do a lot better to depart away from G-idle's original version.

  • Hah-knee's Faves

    XIN Liu is on a different level!

  • Xenoversal
    Xenoversal 2周前

    New case

  • Yuhhh Leca
    Yuhhh Leca 3周前

    Shangguan and Xin Liu catch my eyes so much, their stage presence is extremely obviously and it's killing me!!!

  • I love Dahyun So what?

    unpopular opinion" frhanm should debut as solo artist her voice is so powerful omg

  • Sami Arunsri
    Sami Arunsri 4周前

    Even though she’s the centre, she barely had lines and mostly at the side......but at least the camera capture most of the scenes to show her fearlessness as a lion

  • Rain
    Rain 3周前

    XIN LIU DESERVES BE NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!! She’s really talented like wtf!!

  • potato girl
    potato girl 2周前

    can't stop looking at liu yuxin, she deserves everything in the world 😭😭😭

  • Nwal De last born

    I dont care what I sound like but I come here only for Xin Liu man she stands out like its nobody's business

  • Music Mixxi
    Music Mixxi 2周前

    I'm so damn in love with Xin Liu!! She's a freaking STAR!

  • I'm Watching
    I'm Watching 4周前

    Xin Liu's screen time is so so so little for a centre. Well who cares? Cuz she still slayed it.

  • EZclipse._. Official

    So nobody’s gonna talk about Yu Yan and how hard she worked for this?

  • Dita Pratiwi
    Dita Pratiwi 3周前(修改过)

    My X-Queen Xin Liu gets all my attention !!! She was perfect as usual. I love her more !!! Please vote for her. She deserves to debut. She really deserves to be the center of the world !!! Please, let me scream, AAAAAAAAAAAA ..... I'm dead, Xin Liu killed me with her performance! PLEASE SUPPORT HER, AND ALSO VOTE FOR HER!!! THANK YUUUUUU!!!!

  • Alvin Matthew
    Alvin Matthew 2周前

    Congrats XinLiu got the first place this time. Roading to final soon, keet it up

  • Kwai Yee
    Kwai Yee 2周前

    Xin liu so attractive!! She catches my eyes!! How could such a girl can be so handsome, so sexy, and so beautiful at the same time!!