How to Become A Commercial Pilot in India (Education, Fees and Salary) | How Much Do Pilots Earn?

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  • Published on Nov 14, 2018

  • Who doesn’t want to wear a crisp uniform, travel to new locations and at the end of every month, take home a great salary. I don’t know about you…but as soon as I get out of a flight, I stare at the pilots, pulling their luggage and getting into the bus in awe because ....they have the dream job that many of us want. But the sad part is, everybody knows how to become an engineer or a Doctor. But the information on how to become a pilot is not that well-known which is why flying a plane remains a dream for most of us. But that’s something that we are going to change today. So in today’s video we are going to: 1) See what it takes to be a Pilot and what are the different streams. 2) Basic requirements you need to meet before you can even think of becoming a Pilot in India. 3) How to become a Pilot and how much would it cost? 4) Salary you can expect after you become a Pilot 5) And finally, towards the end…...I’ll give you a Bonus Tip! Becoming a Pilot obviously has it’s perks but every coin has 2 sides. A friend who is a captain in a reputed airline and whose name I cannot disclose said that……before deciding to become a Pilot one should know it’s Pros and Cons. And I’ll tell you exactly what he told me so that you decide whether or not it is the right career choice for you! ************************************************************ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO: DGCA: http://www.dgca.nic.in/ How I Learnt To Speak in English Fluently: https://youtu.be/YEuDThr74dA ************************************************************ KEEP IN TOUCH: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheUrbanFight/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theurbanfight/ #HowToBecomeAPilot #PilotInIndia #CommericalPilot #TheUrbanFight
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  • To get cpl(commercial pilot license) in India I suggest you to clear all the theory exams....1.technical general 2.air navigation 3.meteorology 4.air regulations and 5.rtr.....and then join a flying school either in India/abroad and complete your 200 hours flying. Because all the 5 theory papers are not so easy, some people might think of giving up after starting their course.....flying schools anywhere won’t refund your money back if you want to quit your course. There are separate institutions everywhere in India who offers ground classes for 1.5-2.5L. However all the theory papers are not very difficult any average student can clear these 5 papers.....good luck

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