GULLY BOY | Ranveer Singh | Alia Bhatt | Trailer Reaction!

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  • Published on Jan 9, 2019

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  • Asli hip hop se milaye hindustan ko0001f6020001f602

  • Believe me, you won't even get 1% of the feel that people who know Bambaiiya hindi well get after watching it. The subtitles ruin the magic of the rap in Bambaiiya hindi. It is so raw and so Bambaiiya....!!

  • BC mai to Hindi jaanta hun, phir main kyun pure ke pure trailer me subtitles padh raha tha.

  • His dad is shown to be physically abusive as well, its quite clear in the trailer. Abusive towards him as well as his mother/sister.

  • R M 

    AMAZING job on the subtitles. It's very hard to translate something like this and keep the vibe intact. Very well done!

  • Two times I get excited watching the trailers.

  • Hey jaby.. the point is the Ranveer is playing a character that his family is a Muslim family. And I’m a Muslim hence I can tell u this that music is a taboo in Islam. It’s forbidden so that’s y his father is reacting like that.

  • What if the battle btw Raftar and emiway was to promote this film

  • All the people mentioning Divine ..do u even realise he is predominantly a music producer ...it's neazy's story more than divine's

  • WTF! You don't know that this movie is about Nazy and Divine...

  • Yeh bc kalki har film mein bewdi kyu banti hai??? 0001f6000001f6000001f600

  • Huge shoutout to Rashi for the subtitles. I don't think a better job could have been done. And this one was especially tough. Much love ❤️

  • It is not really based on any individual....but truly inspired by them...on their true stories...and sad reallity.

  • React to the malayalam movie trailer "9"... its too good

  • Cool achara is cute as always 0001f60a

  • #26 on trending.... people in India are surely liking ur reaction videos ...well done jaby ( and achara too0001f606)

  • m i the only one who has watched 8 miles nd still waiting for Gully boy0001f60d0001f60d

  • Good reviews

  • Hip hop and rap can change the

  • Last time bollywood brought us honey singh and badshah and now this0001f634...Divine,Naezy,raftaar,Emiway all are good gully rappers but they are nowhere near Brodha V,Mc kash,khasi bloodz, Borkung Hrangkhawl....watch their videos and decide yourselves who needs better exposure...Samaj mai aaya kya0001f448