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  • Premiered Oct 31, 2018

  • அடடா அம்மா வீட்ல எது செய்தாலும் Tasteஆ தான் இருக்கு Hi everyone ....Welcome to Sivakasi Samayal Express To you will be watching our Dinner time at Amma's Amma is turning something simple into special for me. Mushroom Chukka Dosai Onion Dosai Egg Dosai These are the special menu. Do try these recipes and let us know..... My email ID.....sheethalshiv95@gmail.com Subscribe.....https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnow... Dinner time vlog/Dinner at Amma's house/Dinner cooked by my Mom/Sivakasi Samayal Express/Dinner time/Dinner making vlog/Mushroom chukka dosai/Onion dosai/Egg dosai/Dosai/Variety dosai/
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  • Sivakasi Samayal Express

    Pakka planning........ Loved the way the conversation began til the closing dinning table conversation.

  • For every girl its a special happiness once they reached their moms home

  • Who are all agree?dosa means amma0001f60a 0001f60a 0001f60a amma sudra dosa entha hotel kitayum entha chef kitayum varathu....miss my amma sheetal akka.namaku evlo vayasu analum nama amma veedu na sorkam than.thank u so much akka0001f60a 0001f60a 0001f60a for this kind of

  • Nice I miss my mom

  • Lovely video sheethal... Nice to see u in Amma's kitchen... By the way, the yellow bamboo like back drop is kitchen tiles or wall paper? Looks so nice... Please reply...

  • Saree Super Aunty 0001f44c0001f44c

  • Hey jolly akka naan than first comment.aachi parthala ore happiness automatic a vandudum

  • Superb.very happy to see amma's kitchen after a long days.happy moment and yummy recipes.

  • I miss you my mom

  • Akka amma vituku porathunale sandosam athu unga voicelayum facelayum therinthathu amma unga mela evvalavu pasam vacherukanga dosayada amma pasam theriyuthu enga ammava patha feeling unga video iam happy

  • so cute

  • Super enku Amma illa i miss my mom ...

  • super sister arumai0001f618

  • Amma is simply so cute

  • Wow.... onion dosai very nice... ithu vara apdiyae than onion use panni dosai pannom... paathi vegama nalla erukathu... thank you for this very good idea mam...

  • Hi sheethal...superah iruku idhu madhiri yaravadhu senjukudutha evlovenalum sapadalam...

  • Na anga amma veeda rompa miss panuran .0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d0001f62d

  • Very nice mother and daughter, i dont have this opportunity

  • how to create racks , corner shelves in the kitchen...or use organizers in the kitchen..pl post a video..

  • Mushroom chukka recipe போடுங்க. எனக்கு சாப்பிடனும் போல் இருக்கு.