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  • Published on Dec 7, 2018

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    Have you found 'The One' yet? Download Aisle here!

  • Maggie Keliye Kuch bhi 0001f6020001f602❤️

  • How smartly, brilliantly , well you advertised this app ... Hatsoff u guys... Apna tushiya.... Rocks.bro...0001f6060001f6060001f606

  • important

  • Comedy = Bhau Kadam , BeyouNick ~ Dombivli

  • Kon kon bell icon 0001f515 press nahi Karta hain 0001f602 0001f611

  • He is a legend

  • After watching this I wanna eat Maggie 0001f9240001f9240001f9240001f924

  • Did I see an advertisement?

  • 69k likes 0001f6020001f5250001f525

  • Life is full of simple fun.... Expressed nicely as usual....0001f6030001f6030001f44c

  • Peheli baar dekha kyu ki trending tha

  • No one can predict ,what will be the end..always like before watch.

  • Nick has some swag...he rockd

  • Had ho gai ✌0001f6020001f6010001f602✌

  • Jan jaye par

  • I just saw ur life story on beer biceps channel..... And I found that u r really a hard working person and I hope you keep getting more famous. One of ur big supporter and fan.......0001f603

  • First video I disliked on this channel as the entire video was setup for paid promotion 0001f621

  • I'm watching this at 2am and now I'm hungry for maggi 0001f6140001f602

  • Rapist logon ka kaam band ho gaya isi liye Kumar Varun ab BYN pe aya0001f602