Sanford and Son | S01E09 | Coffins for Sale

Sitene Add
  • Published on Apr 27, 2017

  • [from TVGuide.com] Fred sleeps outside because of what's inside---two coffins Lamont picked up at an auction. Lamont: Demond Wilson.
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  • Omg one of the funniest episodes of this show. When he heard a noise when he sleeping outside lmao. I love freds faces he makes and the part when Lamont when uncovered the sheet of the coffin 0001f6020001f6020001f602

  • "This is ridiculous ! you're ridiculous and I'm ridiculous for being out here with you !"

  • Timeless classics. Such good memories as a child.

  • Melvin looks like an old-black version of Wolverine.

  • No one makes great shows like this any more. People would rather watch those idiot kardashians.

  • Pop's u sleeping

  • Only one Sanford and Son.....so original.....100 years from now people will still be laughing.....0001f602

  • Melvin got the hell outta there!!!

  • LMBO @

  • Esther, I could stick your face in dough and make gorilla cookies...

  • I've seen every episode I've lost count Love ❤️ This Show

  • Melvin said the hell with that shit

  • Nelson Davis the Undertaker guy used to be an Elementary School Teacher back in the early 70s at Figueroa Elementary School in Los Angeles, back then the school was all Black, I remember him announcing to the School that he was going to be a Movie Star, I believe his name was James Wheaton. A little trivia Redd Foxx didn't walk with a limp, he just did that for the show.

  • His mind sharp as a spear his tongue a whip.. this is comedy PERIOD .. the best, no one is safe.

  • The funeral director is my favorite guest character!!!

  • Redd Foxx was a true comedian

  • "Why don't you make 2 killings and get rid of both them coffins tonight"...lol

  • Those coffins look like they were from the 1800s,maybe earlier,lol

  • Fred: hey Melvin do youknow anybody who could use them?

  • Lmao!! They just don't make shows like this anymore.