Kids Special Recipes in Tamil | Apple Sandwich, Banana Pockets & Choco Circle | Fun Recipes for Kids

Sitene Add
  • Published on May 15, 2018

  • In this video we are going to make three kids special recipes in tamil. These recipes are quick and easy and can be served either as a snack or as a quick fix breakfast. These fun recipes will get your kids out of boredom and will be fun to prepare and fun to eat. We are going to prepare a homemade apple jam which will be used in our apple sandwich. The banana pockets are also fun to eat and enjoy. In this recipe collection, the meals have a bread base. I will soon upload a kids breakfast recipe using multi-grains. Friends, please do try these fun recipes for your kids this summer and you will instantly become their super-mom. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking. For more such recipes please visit www.steffisrecipes.com
  • Kids Special Recipes in Tamil | Apple Sandwich, Banana Pockets & Choco Circle | Fun Recipes for Kids tags


  • Nice sister I will try this at home. Super recipe sis.....

  • All of your videos are fantastic and very useful to me... thank you so much for Madras samayal and to you Angela for preparing the best dishes... instead of chocolate circles.. I think it should be named as chocolate balls 0001f36e0001f36d0001f36b because it is round in shape

  • Ungaluku ethana kids mam

  • u r husband so lucky akka

  • Sssssss..0001f9130001f9130001f61b0001f61bஎச்சில் வந்துடும் போல சிஸ்டர்.

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  • I hate these recipes 0001f62c0001f62c0001f62c

  • Sister today (Saturday ) i have read ur interview in

  • very nice sis..you are away of cooking is very creative ...your family are very lucky to have you..thank you

  • Super ,Very nice!!!

  • Different ah irukku , idhu chocolate chips a, epdi seiyanum.

  • I tried ur samayal it's very tasty..

  • Cooking queen neenga kalakirnga, Spr dear 0001f60b0001f6030001f60dby Vasuki venkat

  • Very nice recipe 0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c

  • Hi sister yepti sister sema. I will try sister. My son Emmanuel Joseph. 6 year old unga samayal avarukku romba pedikkum. Thanks sister.

  • Super akka.

  • Madam ur recepies are so delicious .At right where do u live please

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