Chicken Biryani Recipe in Tamil | Chicken Biryani without Pressure Cooker | Homemade Chicken Biryani

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  • Published on Oct 9, 2018

  • In this video we will see how to make chicken biryani recipe in Tamil. This chicken biryani is made without pressure cooker in a open-pot style. This style of chicken is very easy to make and is perfect for beginners because the we can monitor the cooking status of the biryani while cooking. For making chicken biryani it is better to use chicken pieces with bones rather than using boneless chicken. Friends, please do try this chicken biryani recipe at home and serve it with some onion raita and share it with your friends and family. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking!. For detailed chicken biryani recipe with the list of ingredients please visit https://www.steffisrecipes.com/2017/0...
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