जब मैंने पहली बार PAD छोड़कर इस्तेमाल किया Menstrual Cup का जो हुआ उसे जानकर रह जायेंगे हैरान

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  • Premiered Nov 8, 2018

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  • जब मैंने पहली बार PAD छोड़कर इस्तेमाल किया Menstrual Cup का जो हुआ उसे जानकर रह जायेंगे हैरान tags


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    Toilet Karne me koi pareshani nahi hai, kyunki vaginal tract & urinal tract are different part of body. Dono alag alag cheej hai.

  • So knowledgeable video

  • Thank you dii as video ke lia

  • These kind of things deserves to be on TRENDING because every girl should watch it0001f60a0001f60a0001f60a0001f60a

  • Period is not a problem ......... It is a natural process.........Very useful video 0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c0001f44c

  • I m a guy.

  • Uthana baithana se andar Toh Nahin ho jayega

  • Main bhi tumhari hi taraha comment pad raha tha.

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  • Agar ye problem boy's ko hoti to samajhh aata salo ko jo haste hai isko lekar

  • Iss Video k neeche Jo bhi londe daant nikal nikal kar Ghatiya Comments kar rahe h wo sab Neech Giri hui Ghatiya or Rapist mentality k hai........................!!

  • Good video see our new home remedies

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  • Mjhe aaj actually ache se pta Chala hai periods ke bare me.

  • Baap re... girls0001f6150001f615 aap log sachi muchi bht kuch sehtey ho..

  • I'm not a woman so don't know how it feels to have period, But if someone is giving information about these issues we should appreciate it. Please don't comment any rubbish thing as I have seen in comment box some idiots are still making fun of it.

  • As a doctor I feel sad how general public is misguided. Using Vaginal sponges and caps is usin fine, buy they carry a high risk of bacteria infections. If any girl uses it, its advised to change the cap every 8- 10 hours or earlier depending on bleeding. And do not exceed the time limits. I have seen girls landing in Casualty with "sepsis" because they haven't replaced the cap since 24 hours.

  • Respect girls0001f44d.. good work mam0001f44c0001f60d0001f60a

  • Good information for ladies .. Some guys may comment rubbish .. Yaad rakhna .humko ek lady ne hi paida kia . So have some respect ..only women know what they go through during this ..god bless all women around world

  • Akshay Kumar should watch this video